Thank you for visiting our website. We cordially invite you to get to know the offer of our services.

We are a professional company specializing in caring for the properties of companies and individuals in Munich and in the neighbourhood.

Our services include:

  • checking the correct functioning of all devices in terms of their proper operation,

  • minor and current repair services (Reparaturservice),

  • reprocessing of old unnecessary elements of furnishing and other items (Entrumpelung).

Our offer also includes:

  • maintaining neatness inside and outside buildings, including: keeping buildings clean (using ecological cleaning products), cleaning staircases, cleaning windows (Gebäudereinigung),

  • checking the robustness of roofing and cleaning the gutters (Dachrinnereinigung),

  • repair and maintenance of fences (Zaun Reparatur),

  • works related to the maintenance of terraces, i.e. their cleaning, oiling and impregnation (Terrasse reinigen), to our clients could spend sunny days in the bosom of nature.

In addition, we provide professional garden care services, including:

  • pruning trees and shrubs,

  • care for flowers and ornamental shrubs,

  • lawn mowing and care.

We take care of the good condition of plants through professional fertilization and systematic care (Gartenservice, Gartenpflege).

On winter days, we ensure the safety of using pavements and parking lots by clearing of snow and sprinkling the surface with anti-skidding pebbles (Winterdienst / Streudienst).

Our company is distinguished by reliable work, good, efficient organization of the carried out works, as well as efficient contact and kind approach to the client.

Please contact us (see all details herebelow) or send us a message using the contact form.